I was born in 1976 and raised in Sassa, a small Kibbutz in Northern Israel. At the age of 22, I lived in London, where I was accepted to apprentice for the well known architectural photographer Helene Binet. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for photography. After returning to Israel, I studied photography at Hadassah College in Jerusalem.  Questions of memory, identity and journey concern my works. I am using photography, video and performance art in order to disassemble and rebuild a story. One of the main themes in my work throughout the years is the continuous exploration of my origins, approaching physical and metaphorical landscapes. These are examined and revealed in an ambivalent atmosphere which is aesthetically beautiful, but at the same time exposes a world that holds a secret, which becomes my own fantasy playground.


2017 "יונק דבש (Hummingbird)", Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv  View Gallery »

2017 "MIKLAT/shelter", Atelier für Photographie, Berlin (Solo) View invitation »  View Gallery »

2016 "Tantura Bésame Mucho”, Performance at Dor Beach, Israel View images »

2014 Tel Aviv Photo, Israel View invitation »

2013 Keep Me in Mind, Centrum Judaicum, Berlin. Project photographer (Made portrait stills for use in this interactive exhibition. Also participated as a performer) View website » View portraits »

2013 'Feier und Flame', Home Base Residency Project, Berin View invitation »

2012 "Nightraiture/Nightvision", New Cultural Center, Kibbutz Sassa, Israel View invitation »

2011 "Defamiliarization", Containter Gallery, Jaffa View invitation »

2011 "Constructions" Push the pins, Indie Gallery, Tel- Aviv View invitation »

2011 "Glass Stars", Glass Gallery, Berlin

2011 "Meeting Point", Bat-Yam Art Institute Gallery , Israel View invitation »

2010 "Night Vision / Six Swans – 2 Projects", Glass Gallery, Berlin (Solo) View invitation »

2010 "Light Edges", Ot Hamutzar Gallery, Jerusalem View invitation »

2010 "Transformation – Mugdarim Group", Zilumbaam Gallery, Tel-Aviv View invitation »

2010 Black & White Audiovisual Festivel, Porto, Portugal View invitation »

2010 "Reawakening", Lana Stanorelli Gallery, New-York View invitation »

2009 "My Faith in the Galilee", The Lady Roslun Lyons Gallery, Carmiel, Israel

2007 "In Between", Zilumbaam Gallery, Tel-Aviv View invitation »

2005 "The White City", The City Hall, Tel-Aviv

2004 "Admired Leadership", Azrieli Towers Observatory, Tel-Aviv

2002 Selected Photography Students Exhibition, Tel-Hai Photography Museum, Israel


1999-2002 Hadassah College, Jerusalem - Photography & Digital Media (With Academic Distinction)

1998 Drill Hall College, London - Portrait and Photojournalism course

1997 Tel-Hai College of Art – Photography Course


2005 "Tel-Aviv – The White City" Contest

2001 Schollarship for Excellence, Hadassah College, Jerusalem

2000 First Prize, "Gail Rubin's Contest for Landscape Photography", Hadassah College, Jerusalem