The exhibition INTERMEZZO opened on April 6, 2024 and included 14 resident artists and 9 guest artists showing painting, photography, urban art, installations, video, sculpture and performance.

The exhibition was curated by Sabine Jansen and Eyal Dinar and the location was The temporary studio house at Bonner Straße 117, Düsseldorf. It was a former office building of Henkel AG & Co. in south Düsseldorf, where artists and creative people resided for 1.5 years.
Special performance program was held by Saskia Tamara Kaiser and the Düsseldorf collective Trillum (students at the Kunstakademie).
Images show works of Layla Reg, Eyal Dinar, Iris Edinger, Bensch, Jae Jin Park, Minju, Klaus Sievers and the Performances mentioned above.
Image 2 by Vera Kirilow & Image 7 by Iris Edinger.