intrrra- // intrrrakorporal

A joint exhibition with Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham), including installations, photography and sculptures.
Plan.d. Produzentgalerie, Düsseldorf, 10/4/2021-2/5/2021

From the exhibition text, written by Mira Anneli Naß (art historian & photography theorist):
Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham) and Eyal Dinar take their joint exhibition intrrra- // interkorporal at plan.d gallery in Düsseldorf as an opportunity to (re)-negotiate questions about the boundaries of one’s own body versus the body of another. These are questions about the relationship between man and the world, nature and culture, and thus also about the construction and loss of subjectivity.
Both have been in close exchange with the other for a long time, so that the title of the exhibition initially seems to allude to the productive encounter between two artists and their bodies of work. They have not, however, created the works on display together: Dinar presents three photographic series in which he investigates the relationship between his own body and its surroundings, and thus not least the question of how collective and individual experiences become inscribed as memories in human bodies as well as in plant organisms, but also in images.
Lüdemann’s (Beauham) installation-based abstract sculptures are equally bursting with physicality. Cramped and squeezed together, however, these fragments simultaneously pose the question of the discourses that shape them. In this way, there is not only an intermedial juxtaposition of the two bodies of work complexes, but also in the communication between the individual works and their spatial overlapping, inter-corporal symbioses emerge. This should be understood quite literally, since a symbiotic system means the interconnection of organisms, which also includes the socialization (Vergesellschaftung) of individuals.

Images 1,4 & 6 below were taken by Sarah Lüdemann (Beauham).